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This site is a fan page about a fictional character named Richard Harrow from the 2010–2014 TV Series Boardwalk Empire. ~ Richard Harrow

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Fanart is artwork created by fans of a work of fiction and derived from a character or other aspect of that work. Taking pop culture  icons as its starting point, the fan community extends those characters into new adventures, bizarre remixes, and even as the source material for beautiful art. Limited only by the imagination of the artist, the fan art world is full of surprises and brilliance. Richard Harrow fans have done just that. Below are some examples of just that type of fan art. Yes, all centered around our favorite fictional character, the disfigured war veteran, criminal and all around good guy, Richard Harrow

Richard Harrow
by Vivian Faertes found on Pinterest 

Richard Harrow Vivian Faertes

This seems to be a dead on exact match is the fanart below shown only in black and white, but something about Richard Harrows face in Black and White, just fits. This image was found on Pinterest leading to a dead link from which seems to be a mis-type. 

Richard Harrow - Half Mask
by thefreshdoodle on DeviantArt

Richard Harrow thefreshdoodle

This creation seems to be the winning fan-art of not only this article but across the web as well. The artist thefreshdoodle really captured the essence of Richard Harrow. The artist goes on to add: "What I like about this character is that he carries this soft spoken and mysterious demeanor but at the same time he's also dangerous and violent." Yes, we agree 'dangerous and violent' with a face all of us love.

Richard Harrow - WIP
by bwenner on DeviantArt

Richard Harrow - bwennerRichard Harrow in a step by step pinup style fan-art. Labeled only: "Richard Harrow WIP" by Bethany Wenner (bwenner) and placed neatly in a album named Scraps, is where this great fan-art piece can be found. WIP = Work in process goods in process, waiting for completion.

Richard Harrow - Cartoon
by Okha on DeviantArt

Richard Harrow okhaThis simple yet capturing fan-art is brought to us by Okha, a concept artist for "ERS Game studios". It give's a new-age Batman cartoon look to Mr. Harrow that fits surprisingly well. Well done Okha! Okha has even more Harrow Fan art located at a tumbler account named everydayharrowin, which is where the follwing two examples were found.

Richard Harrow okha
Richard Harrow okha


Richard Harrow - Splatter Art
by diogo costa on DeviantArt

Richard Harrow diogo costa

Richard Harrow in a stylized splatter bust by Diogo Costa a digital artist with a focus on surreal art. Remove the color, leave only line work and Diogo still created a caputring idea that makes us wish we knew this version of the character better.

Richard Harrow - 3D Model
by Daniel Peteuil on zbrushcentral

Richard Harrow Daniel Peteuil

Daniel Peteuil started this Boardwalk Empire fan art of Richard Harrow as a likeness and wound study, but had always wanted to do this pose of him from one of his favorite scenes of Richard Harrow. More work by Daniel Peteuil can be found at, where the two following 3d models are located.

Richard Harrow daniel peteuil
Richard Harrow daniel peteuil


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