Richard Harrow
- Boardwalk Empire
This site is a fan page about a fictional character named Richard Harrow from the 2010–2014 TV Series Boardwalk Empire. ~ Richard Harrow

Season 1

Boardwalk Empire Episode 1 09-19-2010

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In 1920 Atlantic City, politician Enoch Nucky Thompson makes arrangements to operate a liquor smuggling business during the early days of Prohibition. His driver, Jimmy Darmody, wishes to prove is usefulness.

- Episode 1

The Ivory Tower Episode 2 09-26-2010

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The Feds begin to look into Nuckys affairs, his brother Eli looks to buy off Mrs. Schroeder, and Nucky essentially fires Jimmy Darmody as his chauffeur.

- Episode 2

Broadway Limited Episode 3 10-03-2010

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When a witness turns up who can link Jimmy Darmody to the woods massacre, the Feds get involved, Nucky banishes him, and Rothstein recruits Luciano to kill him.

- Episode 3

Anastasia Episode 4 10-10-2010

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Jimmy forges new relationships in Chicago; Nucky fetes a U.S. Senator; Chalky fingers a lynching suspect; Margaret and Lucy clash.

- Episode 4

Nights in Ballygran Episode 5 10-17-2010

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Nucky makes preparations for the annual Celtic Day dinner on St. Patricks Day, and Jimmy tries to get Pearl through the trauma of her disfigurement with drugs,

- Episode 5

Family Limitation Episode 6 10-24-2010

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Nucky investigates a boardwalk theft; Jimmy scores points with Johnny Torrio in Chicago; Margaret stands up to Lucy.

- Episode 6

Home Episode 7 10-31-2010

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After Enochs senile father breaks a leg in his isolated house, the brothers agree that he no longer can live alone and the house should be given to a loyal employee.

- Episode 7

Hold Me in Paradise Episode 8 11-07-2010

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Nucy travels to Chicago and acts as kingmaker during the Presidential convention, but at home brother Eli is shot as a rival mob senses weakness in Thompsons operation.

- Episode 8

Belle Femme Episode 9 11-14-2010

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Jimmy arrives from Chicago under his new agreement with Nucky to retaliate against a rival gang element but gets a chilly reception from Angela.

- Episode 9

The Emerald City Episode 10 11-21-2010

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Harrow guards Margaret and the kids, Jimmy mistakenly thinks Dittrich is Angelas mother, and Chalky pretends to align himself with Lansky.

- Episode 10

Paris Green Episode 11 11-28-2010

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Van Alland remains suspicious of Sebso, the dying Commodore seeks a rapprochements with illegitimate son Jimmy, and Margaret leaves after a domestic argument with Nucky.

- Episode 11

A Return to Normalcy Episode 12 12-05-2010

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Nuckys organizational skills are put to the test as the election approaches, his judgments questioned as he handles the Commodores poisoning, and he reveals his part to Margaret.

- Episode 12

Harrow: Paul, let go of him right now. Paul Sagorsky: Or what? Harrow: Or… I’ll kill you.

Boardwalk Empire
Richard Harrow

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